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STAS picture hanging systems
STAS picture rail
picture hanging systems
STAS picture rail
Art hanging systems

Popular picture hanging products

Picture hanging systems by STAS - the best way to hang your pictures!

Organize and rearrange your pictures easily and stylishly with STAS picture hanging systems! The picture rails are very easy to install. Organize and rearrange your pictures time and time again without tools, nails or screws. Changing your paintings, pictures and other wall decorations could not be any easier using our matching picture rail hooks, picture hangers and cords. Hang multiple picture frames and create your own collage in a matter of seconds. The possibilities for our picture ahnging systems are endless!

There are two types of picture rail:
- Modern picture rail: unobtrusive, sleek aluminium rail
- Traditional picture rail: made of wood, suitable for classic home interiors.
Our shop offers picture rail hooks for both types of picture rail.
But we also offer a modern alternative to the traditional wooden picture rail: aluminium picture rail.
Compare our different types of picture hanging systems here.

For customers who already have a wooden picture rail installed, our shop offers suitable traditional picture rail hooks. These are combined with our patented picture hooks and cords / cables / wires, to provide maximum flexibility and secure picture hanging. The STAS zipper enables you to adjust the height of your painting or picture simply by sliding it over the cord.

STAS provides picture hanging systems for the world's most renowned museums, art galleries, universities, offices and governmental institutions. But STAS also offers customized solutions for your home as well!

Premium picture hanging products

The unique STAS system truly delivers; once the picture rail is installed, you’ll never need to drill a hole in the wall ever again! Hang your paintings, photographs, posters and picture frames with the variety of picture hooks and picture hangers by STAS.

STAS’ picture rail can be mounted to all types of wall and ceiling. The patented picture hanging systems can be used to hang pictures on plaster walls, drywall, brick walls, etc

Hanging pictures with STAS: the specialist in picture hanging systems!